Dear Friends,

Through my faith, and my compassion I have poured out my heart and created Comfort Wear Jewelry. Among my collection you will find a wide selection of memorial jewelry designed to help bring comfort to grieving loved ones. Etched on the back you will find beautiful prayers specific to each piece written by me inspired by my faith.

All of my pieces are inspirational, many are designed to help bring comfort to people during the challenging times we are all faced with in life. I am no stranger to emotional heart ache, and have had my share of life’s difficulties, but through my faith, I have overcome them.

Among my collection you will find a favorite piece dear to my heart, this one celebrates the love between a Mother and child, or any maternal love felt for a child, I call this one My Beautiful Child™.

On the back it reads My beautiful child I love you so. How much I prayed for you, I want you to know. A precious gift from the Lord up above. Never have I felt a greater love.

I am so excited to donate 10% of my royalties to The Jewelers for Children. This fabulous organization supports so many wonderful causes such as Autism Speaks, Make-A-Wish Foundation, St Jude’s and the, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics’ and AIDs Foundation.

My passion behind creating and designing Comfort Wear Jewelry™ has been to create fashionable jewelry that truly express God‘s Grace and unconditional love for all mankind. This unique jewelry has the intended purpose of unlocking your emotions, while triggering your very own heartfelt feeling. I pray that my jewelry will Bless you and comfort your heart! May you be inspired to open your heart, and seek your very own personal relationship with God!

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God Bless, Susan

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