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REHOBOTH, MA (OCTOBER 29, 2008) One of Stuller Inc’s. newest jewelry designer Susan Howard introduces “Comfort Wear Jewelry” a unique line of memorial jewelry be sold in Funeral homes across the USA.

While working as a goldsmith one of Susan’s most rewarding custom jobs has been to create a beautiful double heart pendant using original wedding rings from a widow and her husband. She has seen firsthand how touched women are when viewing their new memorial treasure for the first time. In doing this type of work, Susan realized that not every one would jewelry from a lost loved one to make such a piece of jewelry. It didn’t take her long to realize that all grieving people would appreciate such a piece of jewelry. That is when Comfort Wear Jewelry became a thought. Susan is a very compassionate person, and found herself digging deep in to her heart. It was at that time her memorial jewelry was conceived and slowly her pieces came to be born one by one. Among her collection you will find pieces for the loss of a Child, Mother, Father, Spouse, Friend, a Sudden loss and a Military loss. Inscribed on the back of each piece you will find a prayer specific to each piece written by Susan inspired by her faith. On the front of each piece is beautiful artwork, as well as a place to personalize the piece with engraving.

Susan has become known as the lady who makes memorial jewelry, and although she longed to be a more conventional jewelry designer, she embraces it as her calling. She is amazed at the people who find her, seeking to purchase a piece of Comfort Wear Jewelry for a friend or family member. One story that is special to Susan was when a woman seeking to purchase a piece for her best friend whom lost her adult son in a shooting contacted her. It was the one-year anniversary, and her friend was still filled with emotional heartache and grief. After viewing all Susan’s pieces she selected the sudden loss pendant. On the front of this pendant you will find a broken heart with a cross inside the heart. Susan explains how it represents God is with us inside our hearts and seeks to heal us. On the back you will find and inscription that reads-- Taken is such a sudden way. So many things we didn’t get to say. Until we are together in heaven and we never part. Please Lord heal my broken heart. She was so touched by her friend’s gesture; she memorized the prayer and shares it with friend and family. Wearing this pendant brought her comfort and became her own special memorial to her son.

When people read Susan’s inscriptions it triggers all kinds of heartfelt feelings and very often they become teary-eyed. Susan has become accustomed to seeing this reaction, after a few tears many share stories about a loved one they miss. She takes great pleasure in knowing her jewelry is touching the hearts of the people who wear it, and providing a little comfort along the way.

“Comfort Wear Jewelry” is available in 14kt yellow and white gold, as well as in sterling silver. Stuller Inc. of Lafayette LA is exclusively manufacturing and distributing “ Comfort Wear Jewelry” to retailers across the USA. Stuller is the leader in jewelry manufacturing, a company providing integrity, as well as quality. Susan cordially invites all funeral homes both large and small to carry “ Comfort Wear Jewelry” and help bring comfort to the families you service. For more information please visit

About Jewelry Designer Susan Howard
Through Susan’s faith and compassion she strives to create unique jewelry that is both fashionable and spiritual. She is the designer of “Comfort Wear Jewelry” a spiritual line of jewelry licensed and manufactured exclusively by Stuller Inc of Lafayette LA. Among her collection of Comfort Wear Jewelry you will find a wide selection of memorial jewelry designed to help bring comfort to grieving loved ones. Etched on the back you will find inspirational prayers specific to each piece written by Susan. She the designer of “my Beautiful Child” pendant. This pendant represents unconditional love for a child. Susan is a goldsmith with over twenty years in the jewelry industry. She is a 1986 graduate of The Jewelry Institute of Rhode Island and a member of WJA New England Chapter. For more information visit


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